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BASICS Full Name: Bang Minah
Alias or Nickname: --
Age: 20
DOB:May 13th, 1995
Year: Sophomore

Hair: Brunette with occasional highlights
Eyes: Dark Brown
Build: A little cuddly
Height: 165cm
Themesong: Madonna - Unapologetic Bitch

Major: Musical Theater
Sorority: ZTA
Clubs/Sports: Drama, Cheerleading
Current Residence: Zeta House
PERSONALITY The life of the party! Wherever Minah is, she’s either making friends, showing off her singing, or just being overall sociable. This is the kind of person she has been for the longest time, which is quite opposite from her more reserved sister and brother. To see those around her upset is a huge no-no, so if there is anything she can do to brighten someone’s day, then that is what she will do. But don’t let this fool you, she has a very strong personality, in which she will not let herself, or anyone else she cares deeply for be taken advantage of.

Something Minah often says when asked those typical questions, is that while she loves being called pretty, she also wants to be called sexy and cool. She is a very confident woman, both in her general existence, but also in her sexuality. Since she loves talking, she will probably do so to anyone who will listen to her, but she is also just as good at listening. Well listening until someone tries to tell her about her life choices being bad, then she politely and quietly tries to make her escape as to not hear their mouth anymore.

Laughing is her medicine, and she does it almost all the time. Of course she tries not to laugh at those times that would be deemed inappropriate, but otherwise, she laughs freely with a wide mouth, no attempts even made to hide that bold grin. In turn, she also tries to make others laugh as well, with her horrible jokes and silly behavior.

Emotional being for sure. While she often hides behind smiling, laughter, and things of the like, she is definitely the emotional type, and it transfers over to her writing and singing. The typical artist behavior, guess you could say. This sensitive side is what makes her perform at her best ability, or at least this is what she believes.
HISTORY Bang Minah, a name only mildly known because of the fact that her mother was a famous musical actress for years, while her father was a pretty well known playwright himself. It was only natural for both Bang daughters, and the one son to grow up loving music and all of the beauties that come with it, right? While her sister was quite the singer immediately, and so was her brother, Minah had gone through phases, where she wanted to be different from her family, and tried to fight anything that had to do with singing and dancing while she was very young. Eventually, around nine years old, she finally came to terms with the fact that she loved what her family was known for, singing and dancing. With the support of her parents, she began taking dancing classes, and had started singing lessons with a good friend of her mother’s. The struggle at first had her wanting to give up at times, because she didn’t have the strongest voice, but what did she expect at nine years old? In her defense, she had seen nine year olds and younger projecting these loud, big voices in performances with her mother, so it seemed unfair. Her siblings had also been singing for a while now, so they obviously sang better, and Minah was envious.

But, with this being said, Minah didn’t let it get her down, or let her jealousy drive her to be unpleasant, she used it to push her toward being better. Starting off in small plays at school, she would use everything she was taught to try and get the leading roles in any play. But of course, she started off as the minor characters, and the as she moved on into her middle school years, she would get to be the understudy for the lead role, her voice becoming richer and dance moves becoming both more sharp, and smooth at the same time. Now that she had been training her voice for a few years, it was becoming rich, and her vibrato was distinct, so despite not being a lead yet, she was proud of her accomplishments, and the little praise she got on the side for her work always made her feel even better about it.

The being a problem child didn’t end in her childhood though, no not at all. Toward the end of middle school, beginning of high school, she began hanging with the totally wrong crowd. A group of girls who were promiscuous, drinking, smoking, partying when they should be studying, and Minah of course took part in all of these activities. She was less willing to have sex with just anyone, but whoever she was dating at the time would definitely be the only guy she was sleeping with, willing to please him of course. Her parents barely knew about all of this, since she was good at hiding it, and using her classmates to help her pass anything she didn’t study for. All of this happened, because Minah found out that her beloved brother was actually a baby her mother had gotten pregnant with during an affair with one of her co-stars she had been doing musicals with. Her parents were going through a rough patch after having their first child, Ara. Of course, the son that came of the affair was denied by the real father, but it worked out for Minah’s parents, as they decided to get over the things they had done to each other, and raise the boy together. He knew all along, but it took a while for this news to reach Minah, and obviously, she took it hard.

Graduation wasn’t looking hot for her, but thankfully, because she began kicking her own butt academically she was able to pull through, with good enough grades to get accepted into Yonsei university, where she could finally study what she wanted, and become the star she truly felt she should be. Fitting in became less important to her, though of course always in the back of her mind. Though, she never knew she would find a group of women that she fit in perfectly with, almost immediately after rush season began. The Zetas, a house full of gorgeous woman, who understood the importance of being bold, sexy and confident. They of course found being pretty more important than Minah did, but that helped her get into makeup and beauty in general as well. Life was going on the up, and she didn’t want it to change.
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